Today’s Homemade Cream Soup (Please ask for Details) €4.50

Atlantic Seafood Chowder €5.00

Golden Fried Garlic Mushrooms with Garlic Mayonnaise €7.00

Warm Salad of Smoked Chicken with Crispy Bacon €7.50

Grilled Tiger Prawns in Filo Pastry with a Sweet Chilli Sauce €7.50

Mango,  Goat’s Cheese  and  Avocado  Salad €7.50

Sautee Crab Claws in Garlic Butter with Baby Leaves €8.50


Boiled Smoked Bacon with Cabbage, Parsley Sauce €11.50

Pan-Fried Smoked Haddock with Smoked Bacon Cream Sauce €11.50

Chicken, Leek and Cauliflower Pie in a Creamy Sauce €11.50

Poached Escalope of Salmon, White Wine Butter Sauce €11.50

Grilled Lambs Liver with Bacon and Red Onion Marmalade €11.50

Braised Steak with Mushrooms and Onions €11.50

Roast Stuffed Turkey Crown with Baked Cider Ham €11.50

Cajun Spiced Chicken Burger with Sweet Chilli and Garlic Mayonnaise €12.00

Grilled Ribeye Steak with Mushrooms, Onions & Pepper Sauce €20.00

Penne Pasta with Mushroom, Basil Pesto and Goats Cheese €11.50

Supreme of Chicken Kiev €11.50

Steak Sandwich in a Toasted Blaa, with Mushrooms, Onions & Pepper Sauce €13.50