Warm  Pear  Tartlet  with  Vanilla  Custard

Today’s  Homemade  Cheese Cake  (please ask for details)

Fresh  Fruit  Pavlova  with  Strawberry Ice Cream

Sticky  Toffee  Pudding with  Caramel Sauce

Individual  Bread and Butter Pudding with  Custard

Profiteroles with Chocolate  Sauce

Apple and Mixed  Berry  Crumble

Bailey’s Cream  Liquor Tiramisu

Selection of  Ice  Cream

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Selection of Irish  Artisan  Cheese with Fruit  Compote


All our Desserts are Homemade by our Chef


All of our Desserts are Homemade by our Chef

Tea            €2.00

Herbal Tea        €2.00

Filtered Coffee    €2.00

Americano        €2.50

Latte            €2.50

Cappuccino    €2.50

Liqueur Coffee    €6.00

Choice of Irish, French, Calypso, Russian

Our Irish Coffees are made with  Local Whiskey – Tullamore Dew