Recommended Red Wines

1 Libertas – Cabernet Sauvignon

This South African wine is very deep purple in colour, full varietal nose of blackcurrants, soft on the palate. €20

2 Bilyara Shiraz Wolf Blass

This Australian wine has an aroma of warmth, soft plums and ripe figs. It comes with a velvety taste with hints of pepper and vanilla. €20

3 Tolten- Merlot

This Chilean wine has an attractive, fruity style of blackberries and plums with a light spicy edge €20

4 Fleurie, Curvee Prestige, Paul Sapin

This French wine displays a characteristic bouquet of red berry fruit and has a supple taste of generous fruit on the palate. € 30

5 Chateauneuf Du Pape, Domaine Duclaux

This wine from France is a smooth and full bodied wine packed with spicy fruit. €35

6 Lawson’s Dry Hills Pinot Noir

This wine from New Zealand is a classic Pinot Noir with aromas of red fruit with a beautiful balance of acidity and layers of flavour. €35

7 Wolf Blass- President’s Selection Cabernet Sauvignon

Intense rich velvety blackcurrant style with creamy oak and minty fruit overtones. €30

8 Cape Mentelle~Cabernet Merlot

Deep rich complex style of blackcurrants and plums with an excellent young firm fruit finish. €35

9 Durbanville Hills Pinotage

This South African wine has soft, warm, juicy plums with layers of vanilla and spicy ripe fruit €30

10 Tempranillo Condesa de Leganza La Mancha

This Spanish wine is a robust yet supple wine with plenty of attractive dark berry and cherry fruit. €25

11 Santa Rita Medalla Real Cabernet This Chilean is aged in American oak, which brings about a very pleasant, lightly wooded fruit. A full~bodied wine of intense fragrance. €30

Recommended White Wines

12 Libertas – Chardonnay

This South African wine is pale straw in colour, good flesh nose with a hint of oak, clear and fresh on the palate. €20

13 Bilyara Chardonnay Wolf Blass

This Australian wine has an attractive fresh fruit aroma of ripe limes and pineapple. It is crisp and juicy in flavour with a taste of exotic fruit salad. €20

14 Tolten- Sauvignon Blanc

This Chilean white has a ripe, buttery fruit with overtones of almonds and honey edged with citrus fruit. €20

15 Chablis Domaine le Verger

Full bodied and stylish, a powerful wine with mineral notes that enhance its fine fruit flavours and a mellowness that reveals its special nature. €35

16 Sancerre Domaine La Guiberte

This white wine from France has is a good full wine with flavours of fruit, and comes with pleasing touches of flint and spices. €35

17 Lawson’s Dry Hills Sauvignon

This stunning Sauvignon from New Zealand has a lovely nose of exotic fruit aromas. It is a clean and refreshing wine. €30

18 Wolf Blass Chardonnay

A distinct Australian style Chardonnay, full of fruit and fresh oak. Well balanced with a rich finish. €25

19 Cape Mentelle-Semillion Sauvignon

Fresh crisp lemon and grapefruit style with a slightly spicy edge and a fresh juicy rich vanilla lemon fruit complexity. €30

20 Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc

This South African wine has a crisp style of juicy grapefruits and ripe tangy lemons, with a sweet and sour complexity of bitter sweet citrus flavours €30

21 Viura Condesa de Leganza La Mancha

This Spanish wine has a refreshing, crisp, light, dry style with good balance and light flavours of apple. €25

22 Santa Rita Medalla Real Sauvignon

This Chilean white is crisp, fresh and dry with a fine balance of fruit accompanied by good acidity. It also has a clean, long lingering taste. €30

Rosé, Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Rosé Bottle

23 Mateus Rosé

An attractive red pink colour. Intense and fresh red fruit on the nose with hints of cherries and plums. Well balanced on the palate, this rosé is supported with a refreshing acidity and rich flavours leading to a delicate fruity finish. €20

½ Bottle Selection(Red and White).

24 Wolf Blass Shiraz – Yellow Label.

This Australian wine has a deep red purple hue, with an aroma of big spicy fruit and a sweet oak character; with a long lingering finish. € 15

25 Wolf Blass Chardonnay.

This Australian is a full pale yellow in colour with a rich aroma of ripe tropical fruit. On taste it has a fresh fruit flavour of pineapples, citrus fruit and a backbone of soft oaky flavours. € 15

26 Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvignon.

This Chilean wine is a fine full bodied wine, with a good balance between fruit and moderate tannins. € 15

27 Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc

This Chilean white is crisp, fresh and dry with a fine balance of fruit accompanied by good acidity. It also has a clean, long lingering taste. € 15


28 Moët et Chandon

This is the worlds largest selling and most respectful Champagne in the world. An ideal choice for that memorable occasion. € 65

Sparkling Wine.

29 Prosecco Sparkling Wine

This Sparkling wine has a light straw yellow colour with lively froth. Clean and aromatic it is ideal for any occasion. € 35